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Have you heard or taste Kueh Lapis Sarawak? Many people’s as it is the most beautiful cake that has rainbow colours? The highlight is lots of different shapes, colors and detailed arrangements in between the thin layers?

It is also called the Queen of cakes because of its well known reputation, attractive and delicious. Kek Lapis Sarawak normally takes 2-3 hours to bake and it also involves pasting and assemble them.

The kueh lapis is made of green and red kueh lapis that was cut into shapes and sizes. After that they are assemble nicely with a jam and condensed milk paste to form a tulip pattern.

The kueh is a rather popular treat during weddings and Hari Raya idilfitri. It originated from Indonesia and brought to Sarawak early in 1988.

This particular cake is different from the regular Kueh Lapis as it is usually studded with prunes.